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Cable Installations

Structured Cable Installations for Data, Voice & Fiber Optic:

The Process

Structured cabling services require designing, installing, and maintaining cable networks that support various communication systems like voice, data, and video. It follows specific standards to ensure performance, reliability, and scalability.

  • Planning: A site survey to assess the clients needs, including user count, device requirements, and bandwidth. A network design is created, which details the cable types, quantities, and locations of data/phone/ printer/fax connections.   
  • Installation: Engineering cable paths which includes pulling cables in trays, conduits, or raceways. Then terminating them with Identification labels and certified testing.
  • Maintenance: Troubleshooting issues, replacing damaged components, and ensuring the network meets evolving user needs.

Benefits of Cable Installations for Data, Voice & Fiber Optic

High-Speed Data Transmission:

Cable installations provide high-speed data transmission capabilities, allowing for faster data transfer rates compared to wireless connections. This is especially crucial for businesses and organizations that require quick and efficient data communication.


Cables offer a more reliable connection compared to wireless networks, as they are less susceptible to interference and environmental factors such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). This reliability ensures consistent performance and minimizes the risk of downtime.


Cable installations can be easily scaled to accommodate growing data needs. Additional cables can be installed or existing cables can be upgraded to support higher bandwidth requirements without significant disruption to the network infrastructure.

Better Signal Quality:

Fiber optic cables, in particular, offer superior signal quality over long distances compared to traditional copper cables. They are immune to electromagnetic interference and have lower signal loss, resulting in clearer and more reliable data transmission.

Structured Cabling Services Include:

  • Site Surveys
  • Demarc Extensions
  • Circuit Activations with Labeling
  • Mohawk – MAC-certified contractor
  • Complete end-to-end testing options
  • Certification of all installed cables (Certification report upon request)
  • Data and telephone structured cabling – copper/6A – cat 6, Fiber optic

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